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Poor mental health care in workplaces costs employers more, say Peterborough labour and health experts

Canadian employers aren’t seeing the benefit of paying to keep employees in the workforce and don’t see the hidden costs of relying on temp agencies for workers.

That’s according to Dr. Fergal O’Hagan, psychology professor at Trent University. He was one of the panellists who spoke at the Peterborough Precarious Employment Research Initiative (PERI) summit which took place on Tuesday, Nov. 7, at The Mount Community Centre.

Speakers talked about ensuring the physical and mental wellness of workers, how precarious work impacts children, families and the community, and the effects of unions.

Precarious work is defined as work that is characterized as being temporary or unstable. Part-time, limited and contract work are considered key parts of precarious employment, and it has an effect on the stability of workers.

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