Our History


Prior to 1990 there were two hospitals in Peterborough.

Peterborough Civic Hospital members were represented by CUPE Local 19 and St. Joseph Hospital was Local 243. There were separate contacts at both hospitals and even the full-time employees and part time had separate contracts within their respective hospitals.

In the early 1990s, the two hospitals merged services. The consolidation of the acute care services was allocated to the Civic site and Chronic care services were provided at St. Joseph’s.  A third corporation was created called the “Shared Service Alliance” It incorporated departments such as material managements and some of the surgical services. During this time each employee was either a Civic or St. Joseph or the Shared Service Alliance Corporation employee.

The labour board oversaw the merger. The directive was that 2 local executives had to select superior language from both collective agreements, without changing any of the clauses.

The seniority lists were merged into one combined seniority list for both sites, covering both full and part time employees. CUPE Local 1943 was born from this collaboration.

In 1998, The Harris Government through the Hospital Restructuring Committee ordered the closure of St. Joseph’s Hospital.  The expectation was that all services would be consolidated at the Civic Site. A huge public campaign was launched to build a new hospital for Peterborough, replacing both former hospitals.  As a result of the campaign and government investment, Peterborough Regional Health Center opened in 2007 and welcomed the first patient into the new building.

Our history doesn’t stop there. While the new building was being constructed the cafeteria, services were contracted out to COMPASS Foods. There was a labour board challenge launched by CUPE because Unite Here signed COMPASS to be the Union to represent these workers.  Workers have the right to choose the union they wish to be represented by.

As a result of the challenge; CUPE was able to resign the employees as a sub local charter.

Our Compass employees are CUPE members under CUPE Local 1943.01. These members have a separate contract and employer.

Today we have a strong membership of over 700 CUPE employees working together to provide patient care to the community served by Peterborough Regional Health Centre.