Who we are

CUPE 1943 is part of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), Canada’s largest union with over 700,000 members across Canada. CUPE 1943 are healthcare workers located at the Peterborough Regional Health Centre.

The members of CUPE Local 1943 provide all aspects of care and services to ensure our patients needs are met. We have over 750 members employed in over 39 different classifications.

We represent the RPN and PSW, who provide emergency, surgical, bedside and outpatient care to our patients.

Our Environmental Service workers ensure the hospital is properly cleaned so that our patients are protected from hospital acquired infections.

The tradespersons and staff of Building Services are tasked with keeping all 750,000 square feet of the building’s interior and exterior spaces maintained and repaired.

Our Nutrition Services staff prepare and deliver over 1,200 meals per day to ensure the nutritional needs of our patients are met.

The Surgical Suite Assistants and Endo Aides in the Medical Reprocessing department are responsible for cleaning and sterilizing all surgical instruments utilised in our 12 operating rooms and clinics.

The Materials Management staff and Ward Aides ensure the supplies necessary for patient care are available to the units and departments in an efficient and timely manner.

Our patient transport staff safely transfer our patients to their necessary tests throughout the hospital.

The Dialysis Assistants assist the nursing staff in setting up/maintaining the equipment necessary to provide the dialysis treatments for our admitted patients and for those in the community who rely on PRHC for their weekly treatments.

Our Compass Foods/Tim Hortons members ensure staff and family have food and beverages available for our own needs.

Each member of CUPE has a role that is necessary to ensure all the needs of our patients have been attended to during their time spent at the Peterborough Regional Health Centre.